Youth Counselling in Edmonton

There are few things more difficult for a parent than to watch their child struggle mentally or emotionally. Just like adults, young children can experience grief, loss, depression, and anxiety. Children can also be impacted by bullying, trauma, and academic struggles which can result in behaviour changes and self-esteem issues. This is no different in adolescents and teens, which often have many social and emotional challenges they must cope with.

Child Counselling in Edmonton

At Cornerstone, we understand that children need help too. Although kids often struggle to talk about highly emotional topics, play therapy can help. With the help of a trained therapist, children can express themselves and their problems through play – a medium which is safe and familiar to them.

Teen Counselling in Edmonton

Teens can present unique parenting challenges. They can push the boundaries, fight for independence, and seem clingy all in the same day. Although some of these behaviours may be a normal part of growing up, things can escalate to a level that is unhealthy for both child and parent. We can help you and your teen develop boundaries, communicate effectively, and work through past issues with effective youth counselling in Edmonton. Request an appointment and be matched with the counsellor who would be the best fit for your teen’s counselling needs.

Other Youth Counselling Services

Cornerstone also provides educational and behavioural assessments for children and adolescents including learning / cognitive assessments and emotional / behaviour assessments.

For information about the consent(s) our counsellors require before seeing your child or teen, please read our parental consent policy.

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