Jane Video is an easy-to-use online program that securely connects you to our team of counsellors. You do not have to struggle alone— professional and affordable help is available. If you are interested in pursuing counselling via Jane Video, please contact our front office to book an appointment.

For your session, you will need an internet connection and a digital device with a microphone and a camera. You will receive an automated appointment reminder email from the Jane Team before your session with a link to follow to begin the video call.

On a laptop or desktop computer

This program works best if used on Chrome. We recommend downloading the latest version of this web browser before your first session here.

On an Android mobile device

We recommend downloading Chrome for Android for the best results.

On an iOS device (such as an iPhone or iPad)

You will need to download the Jane Online Appointments App to use Jane Video. Instructions for how to access your appointment on iOS devices can be found here.

How to Join an Online Appointment through Jane Video

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