Online Counselling in Edmonton

Cornerstone Counselling recognizes the need for accessible, barrier-free mental health care. Through online counselling in Edmonton and throughout Alberta, we will help you navigate and process your feelings and experiences from the comfort, convenience, and ease of your own space. Just like in-person therapy, virtual counselling allows us to work with you to help you recognize and overcome challenges, build resiliency, improve coping mechanisms, enhance wellness, and achieve your personal goals.

Online therapy provides the same benefits as in-person counselling—with no commute required. That’s why Cornerstone offers virtual counselling through the Jane Video platform. It is an easy-to-use online counselling program that securely connects you to our team of counsellors. If you are interested in pursuing virtual counselling online, please book an appointment.

Virtual Counselling Preparation

For your session, you will need a private space, an internet connection, and a digital device with a microphone and a camera. You will receive an automated appointment reminder email from the Jane Team before your session with a link to follow to begin the video call.

Online Counselling on Laptop or Desktop Computer

This program works best if used on Google Chrome. We recommend downloading the latest version of Chrome before your first session.

Virtual Counselling on Android Mobile Device

We recommend downloading Chrome for Android for the best results.

Virtual Counselling iOS device (iPhone or iPad)

You will need to download the Jane Online Appointments App to use Jane Video. Please review the Instructions for how to access your appointment on iOS devices.

How to Join an Online Counselling Appointment through Jane Video

Counsellors Offering Online Counselling