Family Counselling in Edmonton

Family relationships are counted among the most precious but can cause the most frustration. Losses, personality differences, and communication problems can affect the health of these valuable relationships. To help repair, develop, and maintain functional family bonds, Cornerstone family counselling works with you to help identify and address these challenges. Our skilled family counsellors are trained to provide specialized, in-depth family counselling services that can help families of all walks of life overcome a range of relational and emotional challenges. These specializations include training in Family Systems work and Family Constellations.

The Benefits of Family Counselling

The ultimate goal of family therapy is to ensure that everyone feels loved, understood, and supported. Understanding the importance of the family bond, Cornerstone’s family counselling will help to improve communication skills, provide coping mechanisms, offer new, valuable insights, and more.

Types of Family Counselling Offered

Cornerstone offers a wide variety of different relationship and family counselling, including adoption issues, blended families, familial communication issues, divorce / separation, domestic violence, family of origin issues, parent & child (4+) counselling, parenting coaching, parent-teen conflicts, and other family relationship issues.

How to Get Started

If you’re unsure what type of family counselling you need, please reach out and request an appointment. Our intake team will work with you to make sure you are matched with the best possible counsellor for your family counselling needs.

Counsellors Offering Family Counselling