Career Assessments & Life Assessments

Assessments can be important in our quest to experience a meaningful engagement with life and work. Some seek career assessments or counselling as a means to finding meaningful employment. Some seek life assessments and/or life coaching as a means of determining what has personal significance for them and how they may shape their destiny through informed, values-based decision-making. Others seek leadership or executive coaching as a means of increasing their self-awareness and authentic leadership.

Life Assessments in Edmonton

All career and life assessments share the common need to begin a search for who we are. Self-awareness leads to meaningful self-expression in one’s career, life in general, and in leadership. Assessments therefore begin with informed, guided conversation; your counsellor will listen to your story and this will guide the process.

Your counsellor may also use one or more reputable assessment inventories* that can provide individual information about your personality, emotional intelligence, career fit, values, etc. Drawing from these resources can enhance the career, life, and leadership decision-making process.

Career Assessments in Edmonton

Leadership or career assessment services offered through Cornerstone will be custom designed in consultation with you beginning in the first session. Billing for services will include the cost of any assessment material required as well as the sessions with the counsellor. Some of these costs may be eligible for reimbursement through your employee benefit plan.

*Available assessment inventories include but are not limited to the following: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Step II; The Strong Campbell Vocational Interest Inventory; The California Personal Preference Test; The Baron Emotional Quotient Inventory; and, The Hall–Tonna Values Inventory

Counsellors Offering Life and Career Assessments