Cognitive/Learning and Emotional/Behavioral Assessments can be valuable for students of all ages. When ability, learning style, and areas of giftedness or difficulty are identified, learning environments can be modified to maximize the student’s opportunity for success. The outcomes are then transcribed into a report that will include recommendations for programming and remediation. A final meeting will be scheduled to explain the report and answer questions.

For children, assessments can help parents and teachers understand the child’s strengths and areas of challenge. For a student that struggles in school, a learning assessment can guide teachers and parents to develop realistic expectations and appropriate interventions.

Adult learners can also benefit from assessments. Assessments can be used to determine career choice, understand learning style, or identify areas that require remediation. Assessments can also be useful when advocating for reasonable accommodation at work or at a post-secondary educational institution.

Cognitive/Learning Ability Assessment

This assessment evaluates the client’s learning ability and style. The assessment consists of a selection of ability tests, a measure of the client’s adaptive behaviour and an interview with the child – and parents or teachers, if appropriate.

Emotional/Behavioural Assessment

An emotional/behavioural report almost always includes a cognitive/learning assessment as the two are interrelated. The psychologist will conduct a clinical interview with the student and administer some tests.

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