Dealing With Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19

In these times of uncertainty, everyone is worried. These worries can be helpful in assisting us to determine what needs to be done to avoid dangers. It is, however, important to manage our anxiety so that it does not become overwhelming… Read more

Mindfulness from a Therapist’s Perspective

Being mindful is taking a reflective stance on our experience, and becoming more aware of how we live and experience our moment-to-moment state. It is intentionally taking an observer stance to our thoughts, our emotions, our sensations, and any mental images associated with those… Read more

The “4 C” Rule

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a situation where your significant other wants one thing and you want something different? This can happen in any relationship, even with friends. What do you do when you're on a different page… Read more

Breaking Up or Breaking Out?

It can be very overwhelming to go through a breakup, especially a rough one. Researchers have discovered that emotional pain after a breakup lights up the same areas of the brain during physical pain, so don’t fret if you’re having trouble moving on– it’s completely normal… Read more

Counselling for Children

Personally, I adore being around children and talking and playing with them. Interacting with children came easily to me, and I always enjoyed each moment that I spent with them. Professionally, counselling children is one of the hardest experiences I have had, and it is still the most difficult for me to wrap my head around… Read more

Counselling for Teens

Adults understand that speaking to a counsellor provides them with an opportunity to voice their thoughts in a safe space and receive nonjudgmental and insightful feedback. The same space is created for youth, but if often involves less direct conversation and more playful, creative, and artistic interactions to help the youth feel comfortable… Read more

Are We Fueling the Fire of Back-To-School Anxiety?

All around me, I hear the rumblings of a new school year heading toward us. The atmosphere changes as anticipation builds. Back-to-school rituals begin. This fall, there’s one ritual I want parents, educators and school counsellors to notice and change; the need to make sure everything is ready and smooth and comfortable… Read more

Counselling for Adults

Counselling with adults is the one that we are most familiar with and have seen most often being played out on TV shows and movies. A counsellor and a client sit together and have a conversation that looks to help the client understand and deal with a challenge they are having in their life. A discussion usually takes place early on about what the client can expect in the time spent together and what the client’s role in the process will be… Read more

Seniors’ Mental Health—How You Can Help

When most of us imagine our senior years, we like to picture rest, relaxation, and enjoying some well-deserved time with our families and loved ones. For some, the reality of retirement really is a dream come true. Sadly, the golden years do not always get easier… Read more

New Year, New You?

When people think of New Years, they often associate it with a New Years Resolution. A 2017 Statistic Brain Research Institute study revealed that only 9.2% of people successfully achieve their resolution… Read more