Strategies for Maintaining Your Family’s Mental Health

There are many aspects that play a role in shaping our mental health and one of these key factors happens to be the role of the family. Now more than any time ever before, it is essential for families to come together and strive to continually improve their mental health… Read more

Destigmatizing Couples Therapy

Associating feelings of shame and failure with counselling means that many couples wait an excessively long time (an average of 6 years!) before they seek the help of a relationship counsellor. It’s time to change these beliefs and how we view couples counselling… Read more

Building a Strong Family: Finding a Centre

Families might not be struck by earthquakes, but they are struck by job loss, extramarital affairs, and even the death of loved ones. Without support, families too may topple. So, how might a family find its center pillar?… Read more

COVID-19 and Ageism: What You Can Do

Many people worldwide are affected by the pandemic in one way or another; however, there is one group of individuals who stand out from the rest. Being considered a high-risk category of people, older adults have been disproportionately affected by the virus in more ways than one… Read more

Social Media Use During COVID

Social media is one of the easiest ways to stay connected with friends and loved ones but on the other hand, it can sometimes feel like we get sucked into these apps when trying to be productive… Read more

Men and Depression

Male depression is a serious social issue that often does not receive the attention it merits; globally, men die by suicide at significantly higher rates than women… Read more

Sleep and Well-Being

We all know that getting enough sleep feels far better the next day compared to when we don’t get enough sleep, but why exactly is sleep so important?… Read more