My clients have been on my mind and heart during this pandemic. While we are banding together to protect our physical health, it can be especially difficult for our mental health. As social creatures, we struggle in isolation. For these reasons, we at Cornerstone will continue to provide therapy via phone services and online video during these difficult times.

For many of us, the best part of therapy is the connection with another person who understands what we are going through. When it comes to teletherapy, it can be a worry that we won’t be able to feel connected.

Thankfully, research and the experiences of therapists show us we can connect, even when we aren’t face-to-face. The results of teletherapy are often positive, whether treating depression, trauma, eating disorders, or general mental health issues.

In order to continue therapy for our clients, Cornerstone is using a more secure online forum that is easier than Skype! is encrypted, anonymous, and HIPAA compliant. The best part (in my opinion) is that you don’t need an account OR an app! As soon as I send you the link via email, you’re ready to enter the “waiting room” and begin our therapy.

My sessions via videotherapy and telephone have helped people who cannot travel long distances, leave their home, or manage physical illness. Unfortunately, these conditions apply to many of us as we push through this pandemic.

If you know therapy is a place of healing and growth for yourself, allow yourself to try a session to see if it still fits for you. Or, if you are someone who has never tried therapy before, it might be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Consider trying a session via phone or if:

  • Therapy has been a place of safety, healing, and growth for you before.
  • You have not tried therapy yet, due to restrictions of time or distance.
  • You are feeling anxious, low, or alone during these times and you need to talk to someone.

To learn more about video and phone counselling sessions, please call our office at 780-482-6215.

Blog post by Nadia Keyes, Registered Psychologist