Understanding Self-Harm in Youth

Self-harm occurs most often in teenagers and young adults and, in fact, approximately 10 percent of American teenagers are thought to engage in various self-harming behaviors… Read more

Seeking Comfort in Conversation

Empathy is rather instinctive in humans but under some circumstances we may find it difficult to truly express it in various situations. By looking inward at our own behaviours, we are able to shed preexisting assumption or bias that could hinder our empathic abilities when providing a safe space to listen… Read more

Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

One area of health that will often get forgotten when looking at the advantages of exercise is the positive influence it has on mental health. Research has shown that there are various ways in which exercising positively shapes our mental wellbeing… Read more

Journaling 101

If you have thought about journaling and want to know more about it, this post is for you! We’ll discuss what journaling is, the benefits, how to start, and journaling ideas… Read more

Stress—A Spiritual Approach

To many, spirituality is an essential component of life. When faced with adversity or obstacles, a person may find that their faith provides them with a sense of comfort and stability… Read more

Loneliness: What It Is and How To Cope

Loneliness occurs when social needs are not being met and is your body’s way of saying, "I would like some social interaction please". There are a lot of things that you can do to help relieve your loneliness, many of which are very immediately accessible. Consider exploring the different options and find what works for you… Read more